Can CBD Edibles Provide Relief from Menstrual Cramps?


Can CBD Edibles Provide Relief from Menstrual Cramps?

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The history of cannabis use for women is age-old, including its effectiveness for menstrual cramps. It is said that Queen Victoria used to prescribe cannabis regularly to help women with menstrual pain and discomfort. Though research in this area is in its initial stages, anecdotal reports suggest women find relief from menstrual cramps with the use of CBD oil, tinctures, edibles and other hemp products. Studies suggest that cannabinoids like CBD are effective at relieving headaches, pain, nausea and other common problems experienced as symptoms of menstrual discomfort. Let us discuss some important aspects related to the use of this remedy for menstrual pain. Here’s everything you need to know about this effective remedy for menstrual cramps. 

Can CBD Relieve Menstrual Cramps?

Evidence suggests that CBD can affect the production of inflammation molecules playing a central role in menstrual pains. These molecules are called prostaglandins and their levels peak during menstruation causing contractions, cramps and heavy periods. A study indicates that cannabidiol and other components can reduce the production of these molecules. A large number of people today buy weed online to take their daily dose of cannabis for various health problems. 

CBD and Menstrual Cramps – The Research

The research about CBD’s effectiveness for menstrual cramps is still in its initial stages. But there are many studies indicating that cannabidiol can relieve various symptoms associated with this problem. For example, an animal study of 2016 showed that CBD-infused gel and reduce pain and inflammation without any adverse effects. Multiple clinical trials have reported improved pain conditions with the use of cannabidiol containing medicine. One of the studies demonstrated that cannabinoids can improve muscle pain and spasms, suggesting it can relieve menstrual cramps. A 2002 animal study suggested that CBD can relieve nausea and there is evidence suggesting the effectiveness of CBD at headaches. Anecdotal studies suggest that cannabis can alleviate menstrual discomfort to a great extent. 

CBD Edibles and Menstrual Cramps

Though majority of women prefer CBD oil and suppositories to get relief from menstrual cramps and discomfort, CBD edibles Canada can be highly beneficial. These products often come in the form of infused gummies, chocolates, brownies, cookies and other snacks. What makes edibles different from other forms of CBD is the absorption. While sublingual and vaped CBD oil gets absorbed directly, edibles go through metabolism in the digestive tract before reaching the bloodstream. This is why edibles take longer to show effects and effects last longer. 

Some of the most important advantages of edibles include the ease of use, discretion, consistent dosing, pleasant taste and long-lasting effects. Those who don’t mind waiting for some time to kick in, CBD edibles Canada can prove to be effective for menstrual pain. 

CBD Dosage for Menstrual Pain

The most common concern for people using CBD for any health condition is dosage, whether they are using edibles, vape juice or CBD oil. There is no one-size-fits-all dose of CBD for any problem including menstrual cramps. A lot of factors affect the dosage and it can be different for every individual. What works for one woman’s menstrual problems might not work for another. The best way is to start with low doses and gradually increase until desired relief is achieved. Once you get the right dosage, stick to it. Most people find daily doses of 10-40mg sufficient for moderate health concerns.